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Inquiry Letter

Bunga Rampai Street 10th, no. 17
5th April, 2014
Ref: UMS/019/IV/2014

Mr. Silver Inoun
Head of Promotion
Niks Neks Corporation
Cakung Street 21th
Jakarta 930001

Dear Mr. Inoun, 
With our proud and greatest pleasure, let me introduce to you about our company. SPORT STAR, the company which produce and sell about sport equipments, merchandises, tools, and products in Milan's luxury ways. We bring the experience of Milan  Fantasia Shopping City in our store for our consumer. Our company is located in Bunga Rampai Street 10th, no. 17. Jakarta. Our company estabilished since 2002.

By this letter, we are going to make some appointment with your company. With pleasure, we are trying to make your company to be our promotion partner. We are glad if you want to accept this dealing and together we can make our company to be two greatest partnership in sport production in Jakarta. Depend on the reason, we are asking your suggestion for;
What kind of promotion that we are going to do?
1.      When the moment that we can held the promotion event?
2.      Where is the right place to do the promotion event?
3.      What equipment we need to make our promotion event success?
4.      How much total cost to be spend in this promotion event?
5.      We should be pleased if you give the good response for this letter with your prompt reply letter.
Yours sincerely,

Sancez Cappa
Promotion Director

Reply Inquiry Letter
Cakung Street 21th
Jakarta 930001

10th April, 2014
Your Ref: UMS/019/IV/2014
Our Ref : APC/009/V/2014

Mr. Sancez Cappa
Promotion Director
Sport Star
Bunga Rampai Street 10th, no. 17

Dear Mr. Cappa
Thank you for your kindness to chose our corporation in your partnership plan. Based on your letter that Ref: UMS/019/IV/2014 of 5th April, 2014. In that letter, you inquired to make some partnership with our promotion agent. We are interesting to cooperate and make partnership relation with your company. We are waiting your invitation in meeting, sooner as you can, to talking about this agreement and close the dealing between our companies.

We will attach the enclosure of the answers according from the questions in your last letter. We are hoping it will help you to prepare the event as best as you can.

We look forward to the continuation of this partnership, so that all promotional event that we make can run spectacularly. So both of us will satisfy with our partnership.

Yours Sincerely,

Silver Inoun
Head of Promotion ADIDAX Corp.

Enclosure: The Answers According The Questions of Inquiry Letter Ref: UMS/019/IV/2014
1.      We are thinking about futsal or football tournament. In there tournament, you can sell and promoting your company including the products that you made. You can make the terms, that telling the participants must use your products as the qualification and registration rules.
2.      The moment that suit with that kind of promotion is the time before the World Cup 2014 is lasting. You can get euforia from all the football lovers who want feel the world cup feeling with your tournament.
3.      The Place that you can make the promotion event is in Senayan, or you can make it in GOR Bulungan. With the three types of participant target: General Target (Including University, and Office), High School Target (Junior High, and Senior High), and Woman Target.
4.      The equipment is quite simple. You can use all of your products as your equipment that you can sell as 'must' thing for the tournament qualification and registration mark. You also can build booth in tournament area to sell the products for the participants and audiences there.

5.      The cost that you can spend in your planning is between Rp.30.000.000,- - Rp.50.000.000,-. Just calm, you can get a great feedback with that expenditure. We are so sure about that, and also we will help.

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